David Fricano is an Italian photographer currently based in Rome, Italy.

He was introduced to the world of photography by his father, who transmitted him this passion in early years. Indeed, David decided to turn his passion into a profession from the beginning of his career.

In 2014, he moved to Milan to attend the John Kaverdash Photography Academy. Here, he took Master Classes in various photographic genres, from fashion to photojournalism.

David started his career in Milan, where he initially focused his work on fashion and still life. He later looked to engage in a more intimate and personal style of photography, so he dedicated himself to the realization of social documentary projects. In 2015, David undertook a project on the neo-fascist political party called “Chrys̱í Av̱g̱í” in Greece.

In 2017, he travelled to Kurdistan together with an Italian journalist to cover the Kurdish referendum for independence from Iraq. This experience led him to search for the meaning of the border and to start a long-term project on the various regions of Kurdistan. Indeed, the concept of borders, both metaphorical and real, has been a key theme in his work.

In 2018, he started a 2-year project with a circus & theater company, for which he immersed himself in the realization of the shows.

In 2022, he conducted a project in the north of Albania. The project focused on the concept of timelessness that permeates this place, through an analysis of its past, present and future.

In all of his work, David uses the photographic medium as a means to learn about different realities and to continuously find new stimuli, both personally and professionally.

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